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 Filing Window for "AM on FM" Translators


A number of translator CPs were granted with directional antenna provisions.  As you build, make sure that the manufacturer of the antenna matches the pattern as defined in the CP.  If there are discrepancies, talk to your engineering consultant to make sure the supplied pattern will be compliant.  Don't forget to orient the antenna properly on the tower, per FCC rules.


A second window was opened from Dec. 1 to Dec. 21 and received over 800 applications for construction permits.  These had to be for locations which would not mutually exclude any existing stations, translators or filings.  AM owners have to use Form 349.  That is a long-form application which will apply for a construction permit for an FM translator or booster station. Of course, the filing fees go along and that entails Form 159Broadcasters will also need to submit the required application filing fee as well as Form 159

CPs are being granted as of now (early January) and stations are commencing construction.


The July 28, 2017 filing window is closed.  By now, you should know if you were MX'd (a mutually exclusive or conflicting application was filed by another party).  Those of you who are in the clear can now file the long form for your construction permit.


As part of AM Revitalization, the FCC announced a series of filing windows for FM translators to be used for rebroadcast of AM signals.

You can read it here

There is plenty of information to digest but the good news includes

- That there's an initial filing window (but it's coming up quickly)

- That existing translators within 250 miles will be eligible to move to a new proposed location (no more leap frogging and "out and back" to get to where you need

- The commission has built tools for you to "do it yourself", if you want to.  We don't recommend it and not because we'd like the work.  Well, of course, we'd like to do the work for you but regardless of whom you choose, do find a qualified technical consultant, even if only to review your work before filing.  This is one of those one-chance opportunities.

Take a look at the Public Notice.  If you have any questions, give a call - 773 248 5100 or Len's direct cell, 904 923 6687 and ask away.


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