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 Used Equipment and Parts


Used equipment and parts which clients have asked us to offer
Manufacturer Model    
Harris MW5B High voltage transformer,multi-winding.  Rewound by Virginia Magnetics in 2006 and operated until transmitter was removed from service in 2010  
  MW5B High voltage rectifiers - 12 "fudgesticks" for high voltage power supply  
  MW5B 3CX2500F3 rebuilt by Econco and with 1200 hours use  
  MW5B 4CX3000A rebuilt by Econco and with 3000 hours use  
  MW5B 1L5 Plate resonator  
  MW5B M1, M2 plate voltage and plate current meters  
  MW5B Miscellaneous relays, smaller transformers, chokes  
RCA BTA-5L 5 kw transmitter intact and working when removed from service in 2010.  Many spare parts and tubes  


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